LFW: Stella McCartney Fall 2012

It's Good To Be British

If I'm perfectly honest, there are few times where I start to feel all patriotic and proud to say that I'm from the United Kingdom. Yes, the UK is a great wee county and we have lots to feel proud about; From Harry Potter to David Beckhams right (and left) foot - but the thing is, I personally have always felt like I wanted to live in either Italy (I have an Italian heritage and have spent every Summer since I was a baby there) or America, and since I can remember, moving out of the UK has been top on my priority list.
Last night at the Stella McCartney Fall show however, turned into one of those sporadic moments where I felt sheer pride.

Guests at the show on North Audley Street - which included Rhianna, Kate Moss, Katy B, Mario Testino, Anna Wintour, Yasmin Le Bon and Jo Whiley to name but a few - were treated to an elaborate vegetarian dinner to begin with, before it approached 11pm and they started to wonder if they were actually going to see a collection at all. That is, until Dutch magician Hans Klok appeared on stage from a cardboard box that had been floating in front of a full brass band just moments before and had each of the guests 'Ooh-ing' and 'Aah-ing' as he performed various tricks - which included Alexa Chung being hypnotised and balanced on the points of three swords which pointed out of the stage. Yeah, I wish I had seen that as well.


Just then, one of Stella's models leapt up and started screaming, the waiters dropped their trays and all of the models and various other audience members involved in the whole production (some of whom are booked to dance in the Olympics final ceremony later this year), rampaged around the room in a full flash mob which saw Amber, Shalom and Yasmin carried around the room on chairs, Jewish wedding style. The finale saw everyone involved all gathered around Stella on the stage in a gorgeous human tableau which indicated that London Fashion Week had just been raised to a whole new level.

The collection included feminine and eccentric evening wear such as sexy black and white columned marble dresses, slinky tangerine and cobalt lace gowns with flesh-coloured mesh inserts, and a whole load of gorgeous costume jewellery.

I know what you're thinking; She's showing at London AND Paris in a fortnight? Is this just a capsule/pre collection then? The answer to that is, no. Stella has created TWO collections, with one for each fashion city - Aren't we lucky?

The designer had this to say about the show;

"We were up all night rehearsing this. It took such a looooong time. It was real teamwork - we were lucky enough to get Blanca Li (the choreographer responsible for Daft Punk's Around the World Video). The hardest thing was keeping it secret. The models weren't allowed to tell anyone. But we wanted to do something special for London"

The sheer uniqueness of the whole thing is what made me proud to be British, as we haven't seen anything else like it so far this Fashion Month. Stella McCartney's flash-fashion mob just proves how innovative and creative us Brits can be when it comes down to LFW.

What did you think of the show?

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