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The Rise of 'Capitolesque' Fashion?
The Hunger Games officially hit cinemas Friday 23rd March, with advanced screening on Thursday the 22nd (I went to the 8pm viewing on Thursday). Critics awarded it 5 stars and it didn't disappoint. It was fantastic - no other words to describe it.
Photo by New York Couture on Etsy

With the extra-ordinary hype surrounding the movie (thoughts that it will top both Twilight AND Harry Potter) it comes as no surprise that people are making and customising apparel and jewellery to mimic the costumes worn by those from The Capitol in the movie.

DIY website Etsy has a large Hunger Games community, with independent boutique New York Couture being one which caught my eye in particular. As seen in the image above, American model, singer/songwriter, fashion designer, make-up artist and DJ (is there anything that he doesn't do?!) Jeffree Star models a dyed denim bolero top and looks every bit a member of The Capitol - they should have cast him as an extra for the movie.
New York Couture also have a range of whimsically wonderful dresses which bringe the Mad Hatter tea party to mind. I can't say that I will be sporting this particular style any time soon (maybe halloween? actually, definitely halloween) but the collections are certainly pleasing to look at all the same.
Fairytale Collection; Animal Necklace
(Available in Owl, Penguin or Elephant)
One of my favourite looks
Guns-N-Bows Collection; Lolita Adorable Animals Bow Skirt

What do you think of this kind of style?

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