Fashions Blogs #1 Up & Comer

Fashions Blogs:
Over at, a panel of judges have been choosing 20 blogs to put into a final draw. The chosen winner will win a variety of prizes, one of which is an $8000 Editorial in Runway Magazine! You can see how excited I am that Vita di Moda won week #19 and now that the voting has opened, I'm going to need a little favour from you guys.

Click this link here and vote for Vita di Moda. It's just a simple list, click Vita di Moda and then hit 'done'. It couldn't be simpler. Two seconds out of your time is all I'm asking for :)

You can only vote once from now until votes close on June 11th, but you can vote on your laptop/pc AND your mobiles, ipods, ipads, tablet pc's etc etc. Every vote counts, so let's ger Vita di Moda to number 1!

I hope you all vote and I want to thank you in advance for doing so!!

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