Introducing: Thunder Road

Thunder Road

With a name like Thunder Road, it's hard to find a reason not to love this vintage clothing brand. Much to my delight, I had the very lovely task of interviewing it's owner, Miss Claire Kelly (who also has the same name as my sister funnily enough) and bagging my very own Thunder Road skull studded shirt in black velvet - I know, it sounds like a dream when you say it - so watch out for that style post early next week!
Claire is a fun, friendly and incredibly fashionable lady: so stylish actually, that I felt a little under-dressed when chatting to her yesterday evening! 

1. For those out there unaware of Thunder Road, what is it and when/how did it all begin? 

Thunder road is an american style vintage store selling customized clothing along with hand picked vintage pieces. It all began a long while ago when I started collecting vintage clothing for my own pleasure, then it just grew from there into more of a business than a hobby. My love of America is a huge inspiration for the brand. Their street style is the best, from Texan locals to the super polished Los Angeles party gals.

2. What inspires the creations at Thunder Road?

Mostly LA street style from the 90's til now. Movies and Icons also inspire me, as do rock stars like Axl Rose. People I would love to wear my clothes are 'It girls' such as Atlanta Decadenet and Sky Ferreira.

3. Have you always been interested in vintage fashion & up-cycling unwanted clothes?

Yes, I was always claiming my friend's unwanted clothes and making or styling them into something new. 

4. Where do you shop for your own wardrobe?

Charity shops, H&M, Asos, Online vintage shops. Really I focus more on the item than the shop it is being sold in.

5. Where can those interested buy your garments?

Thunder roads website is up and running and you can access it here -

6. Where do you see both yourself and Thunder Road in 5 years time?

I hope that Thunder road is popular enough to have a stand alone shop. I aspire to be as successful as Sofia Amoruso, owner of the fabulous Nasty Gal brand. I believe if you're passionate and work hard enough you can achieve success.

7. Summarize Thunder Road in 3 words?

American Roadtrip Apparel ;)

Below are some images of garments sold at Thunder Road. The image to the right of the skull studded shirt is similar to that of my own black velvet version from the brand - which I am insanely excited about recieving. Although advertised in silver and turquoise, Thunder Road also offers the shirt in golden silk, check and of course, black velvet. You just have to drop Thunder Road a tweet or comment on the website and Claire will be happy to help you out!

If you want to follow Thunder Road on twitter, facebook, blog (TIP: a lot of the items are shown here and facebook before the website!) or buy items from the website (currently under a little construction) the links are available below.

What do you think of Thunder Road? Can you see it in the same league as Nasty Gal? I think it definitely has the potential to grow and become hugely popular!


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