Topshop & Richard Nicoll Present..

Topshop & Richard Nicoll Present:
Blushing Bride Collection

Would you ever expect to walk into your local Topshop store and find a Bridal section in the corner? No, neither would I. Shoppers in London on June 15th & Toronto, Canada July 4th however, may just find that this is what they come across. 

Never before has Richard Nicoll collaborated with high street retailers to bring an affordable designer bridal range to the market, so it will be exciting to see how consumers take to this collection in particular. The hype which surrounds almost all designer & high street collaborations however, will undoubtedly be ever present - especially seeing as some of the gowns in the collection are limited to just 50 being produced. In total there will be seven designs for the blushing bride to choose from, in traditional white and rose - see where the "Blushing" part came from? - and prices will range between $165 and $640 (£75 - £350) For a typical collaboration piece $640/£350 may seem a little steep, but it's a bridal collection, so when you look at it that way, it's actually a pretty huge bargain for a wedding dress. 

The designer had this to say about the collection:

"I liked the idea of making a modern affordable alternative to meringue culture, but not precious, like my friends, something they would wear if they were getting married."

I have to say that I agree with that statement. Having been with my other half for just under six years now and engaged, I myself have tried on numerous wedding gowns and have found that I've hated every one that I've tried on. They're either too flouncy, over the top and just unflattering in every way possible. I'm a young, modern day woman, so therefore I want a dress that will match that and my personality. Although not all of the Topshop/R.Nicoll dresses appeal to me, some do, and that is why I would actually consider wearing one of the dresses on my own wedding day - whenever that should happen to be.
I actually love the idea of the rose coloured dresses, as white isn't normally a colour I wear anyway - I'm far too pale to carry off a white gown well!

I have to say, the very last lace dress in rose, would probably be the dress which I would gravitate to first to try on in store. It's gorgeous and at only £200, how could you say no?

What do you think of the collaboration? Would you considering wearing Topshop on your wedding day? Let me know!


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