10th Tribe

A Tribe You'll Want To Be A Part Of

To the lucky few currently residing in the United States of America (NYC in particular) and Australia, 10th Tribe may be a brand which already graces the insides of your walk in closets - much to my insane jealously - however for those of you in the UK and EU, it may raise an eyebrow and the question, "10th What?" Well, let me use this post to shed a little light on that mystery for you: 10th Tribe are the insanely hot fashion label based in Manhattan, NY: Created in SS'12 by an inner circle of friends who's aim was to create garments that they wanted to wear themselves - now, they sound like my kind of girls actually.

Looking at 10th Tribe's website and current Signature collection, you would think that they had been in business for much longer than SS'12. The collection looks so put together, casual-yet-stylish and matches exactly that of a modern day NYC fashionista. Don't get me wrong, I love eclectic looks and mismatch outfits, but nothing beats a subtle white tee or dress and some denims for looking classic and on trend - and this is exactly what 10th Tribe brings to the market. Currently available in select stores across the US and online at Zaden Row, Stripe Los Angeles and I Don't Like Monday's, prices range from around $80 for a t-shirt and $140 for a dress or cape. At a first glance at the price, you may think that's a little steep for a t-shirt, but when you think about it, it's hardly much more than what you're expected to pay in stores such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Think of it as an investment if you will: I mean, it's going to transfer through the seasons, whilst remaining classic and on trend. If only I lived in the states, I would be stocking up on 10th Tribe whenever payday came around *sigh*.

Looking at the first few pieces by 10th Tribe, it makes you think of labels such as Wild Fox Couture etc. Equally, it makes you think of the possibilities that this brand could, and probably will have in years to come: to me, it's almost a given that they will make it big in the future, as their current (and likely future) collection can be worn by woman of all tastes. It definitely gets a thumbs up from me, but what do you think? Would you wear it?

**Photo Credit: Images courtesy of www.10thTribe.com and www.10thtribe.tumblr.com**


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