A First For Vita di Moda!

A First For Vita di Moda:
The Fiat 500 Gucci

Who would have thought that a car would make an appearance at Vita di Moda: Well, if it has a Gucci label on it, how can I not mention it? In the last week or so, my lovely little mummy went and got herself a new car. That car happened to be a sexy, sleek Fiat 500. She has considered the Gucci model, however later changed her mind as the waiting time for it to arrive was a little longer than she had anticipated. So, she chose the black and it arrived in the garage only a few days later.
Since bringing it home, I've not stopped staring lovingly at it out of my bedroom window. Every time we go a little outing in the car, I steal the keys from her and jump in the drivers seat. I can't help it, ok? It's just so comfortable and fun to drive! 

The general look of the Fiat 500: It's sleek, sexy, compact - yet has a decent sized boot for it's small frame - and will get you from A to B in style. Just this weekend I took it a little drive in to IKEA to get some supplies for my new flat in Newcastle. We managed to fit a trolly full of pots, pans, towels, vases, flowers, dining sets and everything else that you may need for your first flat into the boot of this little beauty. We then managed to get both my mums and grans grocery shopping in as well - all without busting the suspension! The boot doesn't look like it'll do the job, but I can definitely confirm that it does.
With around 500,000 ways to personalise your Fiat 500, my mum had quite the decision on her hands as to how she wanted it to look. In the end though, she chose cream on black with a black paint job on the outside. When she told me about the cream interior, my first thought was that the seats would get dirty fairly easily, but I was glad to see that only the dash, wheel and tops of the seats are cream, with everything else being black. Much like the boot, the back seats of the Fiat 500 look to be relatively small (made especially so with the lack of a middle seat), however sitting in the back proved quite spacious and comfortable - I even have the agreement from my 6ft something, lanky fiance to back me up with this statement. I would even go so far as to say it's a lot more comfortable and spacious than the Mini!
Although the original Fiat 500 is without a doubt, stunning on it's own, I think the fashionista in me would still prefer the Gucci version. Maybe it's just the whole branding thing, with Gucci being such a famous label that makes me want it, but whatever the reason, the Gucci Fiat 500 is beautiful: especially with the stripes along the side, which just appeals to my Italian roots. How could I not like it?

The running of the car is equally as smooth as it's look. With a 1200CC engine, it's perfect for us girls who don't exactly want a car that's going to swallow us up. £30 road tax for the year (first year free) and only £36 to fill the tank, it's proving to be quite a cheap runner as well - which means more money for essentials such as: shoes, bags and everything else us girls need in our lives, eh?

Overall I'm in love with the Fiat 500. So much so, I'm dreaming about the day when I can actually have my own. 

What do you think of this car? Would you drive around in a Gucci design? Let me know!

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