Project Runway Season 10

Project Runway Season 10:
Episodes 1 - 3

Designers: Alicia, Andrea, Beatrice, Buffi, Christopher, Dmitry, Elena, Fabio, Gunnar, Kooan, Lantie, Melissa, Nathan, Raul, Sonjia & Ven.

Judges: Nina Garcia, Michael Kors & Heidi Klum + weekly guest judges.

For the past three weeks, the highlight of my week has been a Friday afternoon/evening when I get to catch up on Season 10 of Project Runway: When I say catch up, it's because I have to wait until the next day to stream it online due to the show being aired in America and not the UK where I am! Trust me, if I could watch it on a Thursday night, I would.
So like I was saying, the show has become my weekly pleasure. I haven't religiously kept up with previous seasons of the show, however with this years season being some what of a milestone, I thought I would make a little more effort and watch it every week. Oh, and to make sure that I do, I'm making it a weekly occurrence to blog about each episode and tell you which designers are taking the lead in my favourites list!
If you have been watching the show so far, you will know that last night's show was number three, so I'm going to bring you up to speed on episode's 1 - 3 in terms of photos, a brief synopsis and then my favourite. 

So, without further adieu, here is episode 1:

Designer starting top left: Alicia, Andrea, Beatrice, Buffi, Christopher, Dmitry, Elena, Fabio, Gunnar, Kooan, Lantie, Melissa, Nathan, Raul, Sonjia & Ven.

In the pilot episode of Project Runway Season 10, designers were asked to create an outfit which would accompany their original pre-show designs. Both looks must be created to show a pair and then shown on a catwalk in the center of the universe: Times Square, NYC. Guest judges who accompanied Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum on the show included Lauren Graham and Patricia Field. After much deliberation, the judges decided that it was Christopher's designs that stole the show and named him the winner of this challenge, gaining immunity from next week's eliminations. As ever, there was a loser, and that happened to be Beatrice. Her knitwear designs just didn't make the cut and as a result, she was the first to leave the competition. Ouch.

In my opinion, although Christopher's designs were undoubtedly amazing, I would have chosen Melissa as the winner, purely because I see myself wearing her designs over the rest. That leather collared body and floor length dress is definitely something I need for my own wardrobe. It's just the right amount of comfort, casual and edge. Perfect. In terms of the loser however, I did agree with the judges. I just didn't think Beatrice's designs were good enough. Not for Project Runway anyway.

On to Episode 2 now and it has to be said that this episode is definitely my favourite so far: The unconventional materials challenge - AKA Candy Couture! You just know that when fashion and candy come together, you're going to get something eye-catching and colourful (for the most part anyway).

Designs from the top left along: Alicia, Andrea, Buffi, Dmitry, Elena, Fabio, Kooan, Lantie, Melissa, Raul, Sonjia, Ven, Christopher, Gunnar & Nathan.

Guest judge on this show was Dylan Lauren: Owner of the sweets store Dylan's Candy Bar and daughter to the one and only Ralph Lauren. As you may sussed out already, the designers were given a budget for Dylan's Candy Bar and asked to create a wearable look entirely from candy. The winner of the challenge was Ven, who created his rose motif dress using crushed hard candy to create a stained glass window effect. By this point in the show, it is clear that Ven is very much a designer who likes to create very pretty and feminine looks. His designs are gorgeous, but it would be nice to see him do something a little bit different and out of his comfort zone. I want to see that he's not just a one-trick pony.
The loser this week? Lantie. The judges just didn't approve of her re-work of the Candy Bar umbrella. I have to agree with them, she definitely is more of a stylists than a designer. Lantie mentioned on a few occasions that these designs weren't her, and she just wanted to prove herself to them. Well, Lantie, in this industry you only get one chance.

If I were to choose a winner for the Candy Couture challenge, it would have definitely been Sonjia. Her use of the blue candies (especially the dolphin neckline) was just amazing. Who knew candy could make such an appealing fashion garment? I loved it!

Finally, we're on to last night's episode 3. 

Last night's episode was inspired by Lexus and The Emmy's. The designers were paired up with one another and assigned a particular Lexus. They were then driven to meet their clients (previous Project Runway designers), who they would be dressing for the upcoming Emmy Awards. The Prize? The winner will have the chance to accompany the client to the Awards ceremony. The teams were: Alicia & Raul, Christopher & Andrea, Buffi & Elena, Gunnar & Kooan, Dmitry & Melissa, Fabio & Ven and finally, Sonjia & Nathan.

Designers from the top left: Alicia & Raul, Buffi & Elena, Christopher & Andrea, Sonjia & Nathan, Dmitry & Melissa, Fabio & Ven and Gunnar & Kooan.

Guest judge for this weeks show: Actress Krysten Ritter. This particular challenge was interesting to watch and see how each designer would mesh and combine their talents to create one look. Obviously each designer has a slightly different aesthetic (hello, Kooan & Gunnar?!), so it was fun to see them all put their heads together and work as a team on this one. The winner of the challenge this week was Ven (only one of the design due was chosen as ultimate winner) which meant that Ven has now won two consecutive challenges in a row. I did like the dress that they produced, however my favourite was Gunnar & Kooan's gorgeous white halterneck gown, with cascading chiffon back. Although this was a team challenge, you can really see how Gunnar basically took over the design and made it his own. Poor Kooan. 
The loser this week? Raul. Raul & Alicia's look was deemed to worst look this week - not that I can blame the judges. The dress they created was hideous. I can't believe Mila - the client and model - even put it on!

So there you have a brief update on Project Runway Season 10 as it stands so far. I will definitely be doing weekly critiques and updates on the show, so make sure you check back every Friday - or just come and tell us your own opinions on the show. Every opinion is welcome here!

What is your favourite look from the season so far? Any challenges that you would like to see?


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