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BooHoo Challenge:
Fabulous with Fifty

I don't know if you're aware, but BooHoo being the fabulous budget retailer that it is, has gone and landed itself a spot on the Top Ten Money Saving Websites list at alongside the likes of The Outnet, ASOS and eBay. Personally I love BooHoo - apart from their TV advertisement because I don't think it showcases their products to the max - purely because they always have key on-trend pieces on offer at a fraction of the RRP in other top retailers on the high street/online stratosphere.
So, to celebrate this little achievement of theirs, BooHoo & Fashion Vouchers have teamed up and are hosting a challenge for bloggers everywhere: create an outfit of your choice from pieces available at BooHoo, but it must cost £50 or less, and you aren't allowed to use student discounts or any other promotional discount codes on top to bring it within that budget. If your outfit is chosen, then alongside three other winners you will receive a £50 voucher which you can then spend online and buy the outfit you created if you wish! Pretty awesome, huh?
Seeing as I love a good challenge - especially one involving fashion - I decided to give it a go and I wanted to share it with you guys as well. Before you have a look at the outfit I've put together, I want to let you in on the inspiration behind it: seeing as the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards ceremony will be on October 4th in The Rose Club, London, I wanted to see if I could create a look that would be suitable to wear to that event. The dress code is 'Dress To Impress', so I've went for maxi lengths and a more polished look. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

3. Mia Cut Out Cuff - £8

Total: £48! 

I even had £2 left over - go me! The reason I didn't include shoes was because for me personally, I already have a pair of black heels that would go with this outfit - and I'm pretty sure a lot of fashionista's out there will already own a staple pair of black heels. I wanted a maxi dress with slit side detailing to create a more evening look and pairing it with a gold waist belt, cuff earring and cuff bracelet just glams it up a little for the awards ceremony.

What do you think of this outfit for both the challenge and as a potential awards ceremony choice? I love how slinky the dress it!

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