Latex Meets High Fashion

Latex Meets High Fashion:
Atsuko Kudo

Whilst doing some research for my Photography class on the wonderful, I happened to come across a show called Restricted Love: a fashion show containing some rather fabulous latex lingerie creations by designer Atsuko Kudo. Now, the first few thoughts many of us have when the word latex flashes before our eyes are fetish, BDSM and Fifty Shades - and although many of the 'garments' do fit into this category, there are some surprisingly high fashion and seriously stylish looks that even I would go for (if I lost around 10lbs, but that's beside the point).

"Continuing her mission to merge latex-wear with high fashion, Atsuko Kudo took part in the Lingerie London show in aid of the Seven Bar Foundation. To compliment the delicate mood of the collection, which drew inspiration from the retro visions of Hong Kong in Wong Kar-wai’s ‘In the Mood For Love’, SHOWstudio captured the evening using vintage-feel apps such as Instagram, 8mm and Cinemagram."
If you were to go ahead and purchase any of the above shown looks, your purse would be around £850 lighter but with celebrities such as Dita Von Teese and Lady Gaga already huge fans of the designers work, it's no wonder then that prices are starting to climb for an Atsuko Kudo piece. Fancy checking out more collections? Just click here and check out the website!

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