A Display Fit For A Princess: Part II

A Display Fit For A Princess:
Part II

If you're a regular here at Vita di Moda, you'll know that I recently made a little post regarding the concept behind Harrods Christmas window displays down in London this year. Well, Part II here is going to show you what said displays look like and just exactly what I think of the displays as a whole - which may surprise you, as my opinion certainly surprised me once I laid eyes on the displays. Take a little look at the displays first of all.

Snow White by Oscar de la Renta
Tiana by Ralph & Russo
Mulan by Missoni
Ariel by Marchesa
Jasmin by Escada
Belle by Valentino
Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab
Rapunzel by Jenny Packham
Pocahontas by Roberto Cavalli
Cinderella by Versace
Now, originally once I had seen sketches and heard about the concept for the Christmas displays, my favourite was Elie Saab's creation for Sleeping Beauty, followed by Versace's Cinderella as a close second. However, after seeing the displays, I can't help but feel that the dresses themselves are a little underwhelming and lackluster and if it weren't for the lavish displays surrounding them, I doubt I would even take a second glance at them at all. Cinderella's dress for example looks slightly cheap with that hologram fabric, and I can't help but feel that Marchesa's Ariel inspired dress looks - dare I say it - boring. In the sketches for both, you get the illusion of expense, luxurious fabrics and exquisite detailing, but in the actual dresses you don't really see much of those things going on. It's a darn shame really, especially if you, like me have been anticipating the big reveal.

From what I can see on Elie Saab's Aurora, the dress is lovely - I just wish we could have seen a little more, especially when the original sketch shows the dress to have a rather large detailed skirt. Tiana's dress is stunning, as is Rapunzel's - these three are probably my favourites now that I've seen the actual dresses in their displays. 

Overall I can't help but feel a little disappointed with the fashion aspect of the window displays, however they are still magical and amazing to look at and I still do want to take a trip down to London nearer Christmas and take a look for myself in person. 

What do you think of the displays? Were you as disappointed as I was? Or am I just being over the top?

Photo Credit: www.vogue.co.uk

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