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It wouldn't be Christmas without the masses of sales, promotions and constant bombardment of newsletters from our beloved retailers, so naturally I've built up a rather long list of items that I'm currently lusting over. With the rain becoming constant background noise this week, I thought it was a perfect excuse to sit by the fireplace all day, Galaxy orange hot chocolate (40 calories per cup!) in hand and put together a little post to show you all what I would love to see under my tree - or in the wardrobe, ironed and hung up neatly if Santa's feeling generous -  on Tuesday morning. 

First up, it's a pit stop at Zara. Naturally. I don't think I could live without Zara these days. Items 1, 3 & 4 are on my list of definite buys with my Christmas money; if I could stretch it I'd buy everything on the website to be fair.

Warehouse are a retailer who surprised me actually. I've walked by their stores in Newcastle recently and felt that I've wanted quite a few of the outfits they've styled together in their displays, so when I had a little peak at their website I found myself mentally taking note of some of their stock. Have they always been this edgy, or have I only just noticed it now? 

4. Contrast Sleeve Parka - LOVING this!

Don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty sure every item I've listed from All Saints is currently in their sale? I know that the majority is anyway! All Saints isn't really everyone's cuppa tea, but I'm attracted to the whole dark, mysterious and slightly gothic personality of the brand so I can't help but lust after a few items every now and then.

It might be fair to say that Topshop and I have a love/hate relationship. I went off the brand for a while, purely because of how mainstream it had become (GEEK jumper for example. If I see that on one more person I may lose faith in street style) - that and it's prices just kept getting higher and higher and my poor student loan was crying out for mercy. I will admit though that their collections recently have been stunning and I've found myself typing Topshop.com into my web browser more often than not.

Happy Shopping! xo

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