MFW: Versace Does 'Vunk'

Versace AW'13 Collection

Is it just me that thinks this, or was Donatella feeling a little bit frisky when she came up with the Versace AW'13 collection? Don't get me wrong, I can't seem to get enough of the collection - those spiked cuff's/neck pieces and studded ankle boots are right up there on my wish list - but sex was definitely in the air at this particular MFW show!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet 'Vunk' - Versace's take on the punk trend. Definitely a little dominatrix meets punk, but I just can't get enough of it. It's not a collection to be taken on by those who aren't 200% sure of their identity and 1,000,000% confident enough to pull it off with some luster. I mean, the colour palette and fabrics (vinyl/latex/rubber/whatever that is, fur, silk and just about anything sheer) alone are enough to scare off most women. Versace have never been a label who stay within the limits though, so why should this season be any different? I actually can't help but think that those covered head to toe in tattoos would look great in this collection. I mean, there's just enough exposed panels in the clothes to show off that artwork and you're going to have bags of confidence to get so many tattoos, so why not!

Although the collection is undoubtedly jaw-dropping, it's the details and accessories that sold it for me. Just take a look at that spiked cuff and neck piece and you'll see what I'm talking about. Rivets, nails, studs, spikes, anything that's going to cause an injury and invoke a feeling of fear is present. One thing that's for sure is that no man is going to look at a woman dressed in Versace and underestimate her. Oh how I love when the ball is in the female court!

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