Accessorising SS'13

Accessorising SS'13;

If you're anything like me then your iPhone will literally never be more than a few feet away at all times. That's if you've somehow managed to surgically remove it from your hands of course - something that has only ever happened to me a few times since I first got it. It's my life line, what can I say. This, mixed in with the fact that I'm a fashion enthusiast means that I like to match my iPhone case to my outfits whenever possible and have it looking cool in its own right. I mean most people do, right?

That's where CaseApp comes in handy. They're a Swedish company with offices in both Sweden and the UK who specialise in custom iPhone 4/4S/5 cases. You simply pop over to their website, upload an image of your liking, choose a case colour (black, white or transparent to match your phone) and add some text if you want to fully customise it. You then add it to your basket, fill in your details and it'll get shipped out to you ASAP with free delivery. Couldn't be simpler if it tried. No matter what design you choose, the cases stay the same price at £19. It is a little pricier than some, I'll admit but cheaper companies on the market will only send you a sticker or 'wrap' with your design on it. You get what you pay for, that's all I'm saying!

I customised my own case recently and decided to go with an image of Arabella Drummond - an alternative model who you might recognise from various tattoo conventions, Front magazine or even a website called Suicide Girls (don't worry, this has nothing to do with dying or attempting to die). Being interested in tattoos and alternative ideals of beauty, I think it's safe to say that I definitely appreciate Arabella and her style, so that's what I chose to have on my case!

What's great about custom cases and CaseApp is that it allows you to have a little creative freedom and ability to express your personality. You could design your own cover, scan it into your laptop/pc and upload that image when creating your case. No one will have that design and it'll be totally unique - something every fashionista likes to be. So why not head over to the website (here) and get accessorising!

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