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Get Like Gatsby

After a three week break (and telling off from various people for a lack of posts), I think it could be safe to say that I've had a slightly longer than needed Easter at home and should start getting new content up for you all to read. So whilst I get on that, I thought this little 'get the look' guest post would do nicely to occupy your time. I absolutely love The Great Gatsby and the 20s style, so it's a win/win in my opinion. Enjoy!

From the lavish indulgent soirees to the impeccable, dazzling style of American royalty during the flourishing Jazz Age, "The Great Gatsby," F. Scott Fitzgerald's timeless classic, evokes the grandeur of the roaring 20s. As the novel's film adaptation approaches, the greatest Gatsby fans wait in anticipation and replicate the ostentatious beauty of that era by mirroring looks that are reminiscent of that world-class style and splendor. While waiting for the movie to hit the silver screen, celebrate Fitzgerald's epic literary tragedy by intoxicating yourself with the opulent style of yore.

Emulate the beautiful and radiant fashions with these Gatsby-style tips and inspirations:

Gatsby Costume & Couture 


Sashay into a 1920s jazz-age party in a sensational flapper dress adorned with a sparkling headpiece, pearls and a drop-dead smile. Any gal can dazzle in a 20s-inspired dress, whether you're looking for an embellished plus-size costume to accentuate your curves or gushing over an all-over sparkling beaded gown by Tory Burch. If you want to design your own flapper costume and Gatsby look, think tassels, glittery beading, feathers, sheath materials that shimmer and androgynous, yet sensual silhouettes. Fashion blog Refinery29.com suggest avoiding 20s-inspired stereotypes by focusing on "drop-waist tea dresses, Peter Pan collars and marabou trims."
With a customized headpiece, glitzy accessories and a feather boa, the following dresses can make a jaw-dropping impression:

  • Beatrice Dress by Guess by Marciano: The "sheer chiffon peasant dress" and its "long bell sleeves" flows with delicacy and whimsy.
  • Scallop Lace Dress by Juicy Couture: Accented with feminine lace and a scalloped hem, Juicy's angel-color frock will look Gatsby gorgeous with an elongated vintage gold necklace, jeweled chandelier earrings and bold statement rings.
  • Lefkara Lace Dress by Anthropologie: The Lefkara Lace Dress's soft champagne color and pretty lace detail reflect the vintage feel, playfulness and femininity of the glamorous era.
  • Honeyed Lattice Dress by Anthropologie: Designed in subtle honey-yellow and lattice floral lace, this dress will sparkle opulently with an art deco headdress and buckle flapper heels.

Art Deco Accents & Vintage Accessories


An art deco headband adorned with rhinestones, marabou feathers, lace and pearls stylishly reflects the rebellious sprit of the jazz age. Create your own unique Gatsby headpiece by hot gluing glitzy and glittery accessories to an elastic headband. The more extravagant and over-the-top, the more fabulous you'll look. Glue rows of diamond studs and an oversize feather or string of pearls to one side.
Actress Carey Mulligan who plays Daisy Buchanan in the Baz Luhrmann Gatsby adaptation also dons a patterned head scarf that accentuates her sleek bob. Emulate the fabulous look by wrapping a silk scarf around your head, tying a knot at the side nape of the neck and letting the ends drape across the shoulders. Nordstrom's Echo Springtime Paisley Silk Scarf, Burberry Print Silk Scarf and Emillio Pucci Leaf Profile Timeless Silk Scarf can glam up the hair for that Gatsby chic.

Your roaring 20s fashionable accouterments must include layers of pearls dripping around the neck and gemstone baubles to decorate the wrists. While accessorizing your Gatsby dress, don't be afraid to go for jewelry that's flashy and gaudy in platinum and gold.

Written by:
Jordan Frasier
Born in Chicago, Jordan comes from a family that has its history stitched throughout the world of fashion; her father was a tailor and her mother was a hat designer. So it makes sense that she would become a fashion writer. At least it makes sense to her.

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