How I Wore It: Shelfies Printed Sweater

How I Wore It:
Shelfies Sweaters

Now, I don't normally do outfit posts (I sort of did a while back, but then it faded out) however within the past couple of weeks I received some amazing statement sweaters in the post and felt compelled to make a little outfit or 'how I wore it' post to show you all what they look like. Now, you may, or may not remember a post that I wrote a few months ago featuring the outrageously printed sweaters from the Canadian brand Shelfies. If you do then fantastic; you get a gold star and can stick around for a bit, but if not then don't worry because you can catch up on it here.  

As you can see from the picture above, I am now the proud owner of the sugarcube and gummy worm sweater. Problem is though, the gummy worm unfortunately doesn't quite fit me - well, how I would want it to anyway - so I let my sister try it on for size and now it's pretty much all she ever wears. As much as this pains me, at least it's getting it's moneys worth.

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I decided to wear my sweater with the Black Milk Skeleton leggings and neon pink/black Nike Air Max. I suppose it was a bit of a statement outfit with both top and bottom having prints on them, but I figured it would be acceptable because the jumper is mainly just white tones with some brown on the shadows. Obviously it wasn't an outfit which needed very many accessories, however my sleeve did add a little extra something to it. See, tattoos can come in handy for outfit choices - it's like effortless style and doesn't get in the way like bracelets do!

In terms of fit, the sweaters are unisex (there's more about measurements etc on the Shelfies website when you purchase one), so for mines being a size small, I felt the shoulders and arms were a bit bulky. You just need to roll the sleeves up though and it's fine. They're 100% polyester with a fleece lining, so they have an alright stretch in them and keep you relatively warm. I wore mines out without a jacket or top underneath in Newcastle this week and didn't feel like I needed anything on top of it. 

Ocean Wave & Cloud of Love Sweaters
(Both $59.99)
Since last writing about the brand, they've come up with a few new designs to add to their catalog which includes some pretty comical sloth designs. Although I can't say I would pull one of those off, they do have these two sweaters which I'm mentally adding to my wish list as I type this.

What do you think of the sweaters? Would you be brave enough to wear one and make a statement? 

Want one for yourself? Head on over to their website and get shopping! 


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