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Saint Laurent Music Project 

It's usually when you see music performers coming into fashion and certain campaigns that you begin to get a feel for that particular brands personality, what they believe in and the kinds of people that they're likely to converse with. The Saint Laurent music campaign imagery - photographed by Hedi Slimane in various locations from NY to LA - reminds us of the brands relationships with rock stars in the past (Yves dressed Mick & Bianca Jagger for their wedding in St Tropez in 1971) and has each music star styling themselves in an outfit from collections over the years. As you can see by the post title, I'm never quite going to forgive Hedi Slimane for dropping the whole "Yves" thing, but I actually quite like his decisions with the types of rock stars to include in the campaign. 

Google Courtney Love for Saint Laurent & you'll see some of her more 'rough' looking photos.
The one I've chosen at least gives her a little credit.
For starters, he gave us Marylin Manson - a complete God to some in his field. Even if you don't like his look or music, you can't deny that he must have been doing something right when he bagged Dita Von Teese once upon a time. I definitely liked this decision, as I was a fan during my little goth phase in my teens. Then came Courtney Love however, and I was little more skeptical. Yes, she's possibly just as controversial as Marylin Manson and her outfit choices did get some brownie points from me, but I'm still not 100% sold. She's known for her less than stellar antics and habits, so perhaps that isn't something that you want to associate with a brand that radiates luxury and edgy class. People can change, yeah, but don't photograph her when she looks as though she's nursing a hungover if you want people to think that.

Next up was Kim Gordon from the band Sonic Youth and Ariel Pink. I'm going to be honest here and say that I haven't really got a clue who these people are - sure, I've Googled them but that's as far as it goes. They both have a good look though and I love the outfits that they've chosen to wear for each shoot, so I can't really fault them. Oh and I found a quote from Ariel Pink in a previous interview with LA Weekly when he was talking about his live performances to an audience. It kind of made me relate to him a little. What can I say? I can have a personality like Marmite at the best of times, so I know how he feels:
"People boo me everywhere...They don't even hide their contempt. I'm used to it now...Hey, I'm giving audiences the real thing...For better or worse, I'm out there, and those are the circumstances. People don't like it when it seems like you don't know what's happening, or I'm getting bummed out with certain aspects and I can't hide it. I think people feel that pain and just think it's bad."

The most recent stars to join the Saint Laurent music campaign - and thus gets two thumbs up from me - are the French duo, Daft Punk. I can remember going to unders clubs in Glasgow when I was 17 and this was all they would play. It makes me feel nostalgic and happy whenever I see them, so it's brilliant to see them in the campaign. Wearing their signature LED helmets for the shoot, I think their campaigns are my favourites so far.

What do you think of the campaign and artists chosen so far? Do you think there will be many more artists being added to the list?

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