Cannes Film Festival 2013

Best Dressed:
Cannes Film Festival '13

When it comes to festivals or award ceremonies, I can't say that I pay much attention at the best of times. I'm not particularly into celeb culture - in fact, I pretty much despise it - but there's just something about the Cannes Film Festival that just has me sitting up right in my seat to pay attention. If you're a regular at Vita di Moda and have been for a while, then you'll know that I blogged about the best dressed from the festival in 2012, so obviously I feel the need to blog about it again this year. Let's see if you agree with my picks shall we?

From left to right: Zoe Saldana in Emanuel Ungaro top and skirt, Jessica Biel in Marchesa and Cheryl Cole in Zuhair Murad beaded gown.

That skirt and top combo that Zoe Saldana had going on would have been pretty boring to the say the least had she not injected a bit of colour with her orange platforms. I don't know why, but lately I've been gravitating towards anything in that colour (H&M have got their hands all over it this season), so her outfit definitely made it into my best dressed list!

Is it just me who thinks this, or is it near impossible for Jessica Biel to look horrid in anything that she wears? She could have worn a black bin bag and still looked good - bitch. Marchesa gowns are always stunning, so it was only natural that it would look more than fitting on her - stunning.

I can't say I've been a fan of Cheryl Cole in the past, but I would be kidding myself if I didn't admit how gorgeous she looked in that red gown. It's just the design and positioning of the embroidery that makes it - slightly strange seeing a celeb of her stature at the film festival though I thought..

From left to right: Cindy Crawford in Roberto Cavalli, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior & Liam Hemsworth in Dolce & Gabbana

I'm definitely feeling anything white this Summer, which is quite a drastic change from my usual black, so with this in mind, I was immediately drawn to Cindy's RC dress. I loved the designers collection this season, so it's pretty standard for one of his gowns to be in this best dressed list really.

Now, I'll admit that Jennifers Dior gown - although undoubtedly beautiful - doesn't really have a wow factor, but I wanted to put her in this list purely because I had to comment on her figure. Am I the only one who thinks she has gotten a lot thinner recently? I'm not going to start saying she's too thin like most tabloids would do, but she was a celeb who made herself relatable to women of all ages because she repeatedly told us of how happy she was with her figure and that she wouldn't subject herself to the media and its pressures to be a certain weight. She looked fab as she was - and still does now, i'm not going to lie - but it's a little disappointing if she has gone and lost some weight. She's only human though, so I can't be too harsh on the matter - I would be dieting constantly if I had her life!

Then we come to the beauuuutiful man that is Liam Hemsworth. A man in a suit will always be a pleasant sight, however when said suit is D&G, you know things are going to be x100 more attractive. He just looks so sleek; and that's not just because he doesn't have a Disney starlet on his arm anymore..

Who has been your best dressed from the festival this year? 

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