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Times Are Changing:
We're Relocating!

If you're a blogger yourself, you may have recently been renewing your domain names and potentially, like me, having issues doing so. With my first year at university having just finished a couple of weeks ago, I think it's fair to say that I was under a bit of stress and couldn't really focus on VdM and getting things such as content and indeed the domain name fixed once it was reaching its expiry date. As a result, you may have been typing Vita di Moda into your search bar and coming up empty - for that I am truly sorry. It is only now when I'm home visiting for Summer, that I've been able to get things sorted and focus 110% on it. 

Although we're no longer .com, I hope you'll all find that a .co.uk URL is just as suitable for the blog and easy enough for you to all type into Google or the top search bar when popping round for a visit. It could have been worse though, I was about 10 seconds away from changing the blog name altogether. Just the thought of rebranding is enough to give me a nightmare, so I'm glad it didn't come to that! 

If you could all do me a huge favour and tweet this post, or even just mention the URL change on Twitter/Facebook or word of mouth when you see your friends, that would be fantastic. A total rebrand would have been hellish, but a simple address change is going to be just as challenging - help me make it as smooth as possible?

Maria xo

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