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Summer is my second favourite time of year, but it also means that I have a lot more time to socialise and make the most of being away from uni. Unfortunately, this also means that I neglect Vita di Moda because I don't want to be sitting on a laptop all day whilst the sun is shining. Plus my own laptop is broken, so I'm having to borrow my sisters MacBook for the time being. 

Wow. Even I'm struggling to find a valid excuse in that paragraph. I'm just being lazy. Full stop. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things, now that the new man in my life keeps telling me to write a blog post every two seconds. He'll keep me in check with any luck. Anyway, here's a short post featuring some new products over at NYLON that I currently have my eye on - all of which are under $50 each!

Nylon hasn't really been a magazine that I've had an interest in reading before, but recently I've found myself having a little nosey on their Twitter feed and as you can see above, their online store. 

I'm quite into slogan tshirts etc at the minute, so when I saw these on the shop page, I knew I had to make a quick post about them. I can't decide if I like the "Lets Get Weird" tee, or the pink jumper with Mean Girls "On Wednesday's, We Wear Pink" quote. If you're as much of a Mean Girls fan as I am, then you'll understand my need for that jumper. It's just brilliant. Even the little popsicle earrings are cute. I just want everything. Sorry bank balance, but it's gonna be a rough ride. 

Photo Credit: Clipped from shop.nylonmag.com & edited on Polyvore

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