Day to Night: It's A New York State of Mind

Tibi NY State of Mind:
Day - Night

Just as I'm about to lose all hope in finding a topic to blog about, and make my 6th post this week (In 3 days! I'm on a roll), I come across the new pre-fall 2013 NY State of Mind range by tibi and immediately feel inspired. As soon as I saw the Empire State trousers, I could envision both a day and night styling option and felt compelled to blog about it ASAP. So that's what I've done!

Unfortunately I don't live in the concrete jungle just yet (give it 5 years max and I'll be there), however if I did, I can imagine my footwear consisting of Nike Air Max or Free Run's with all the commuting that I would no doubt be doing. So that's what I chose to pair the trousers with - luckily you can customise your Nike's until your heart's content, so there was always going to be a colour to match the trousers perfectly. As for the tee that I chose, well, 'city girl' may be a little cliche but I went for it anyway and added a BCBG by Max Aria harness to add a little edge and layering. The gold chain was pretty standard seeing as you'll very rarely see me without mines on.

On to night time. I'm in the process of sourcing the best transparent clutch bags at the minute for a future post, so I thought I would include this ASOS number in the meantime. A plain white, drape front tee from H&M, strappy Zara heels, gold chain and splash of red lippy help to tie it all together. It really is easy as pie to take these trousers from day to night and if I'm honest, I'm pretty pleased with how the outfits look. If I could afford to spend £175 ($265) on a pair of trousers right now, believe me, I would be doing so as soon as I finish typing this...

Would you be brave enough to sport these printed trousers?

Photo Credit: all images were clipped and edited together using Polyvore.

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