Review: Ilcentimetro Bracelet


When the opportunity arose to review one of the ilcentimetro bracelets recently, I jumped at the chance. I've known of the brand for little while now, but just never got round to owning one of their stylish 'measuring tape' bracelets for myself - until now.

What I love about the bracelets is that they are made of genuine Italian leather and clasped easily with a magnet. They're comfortable on, lightweight (apart from the metal clasp) and are quite a quirky way of adding a little humour and style to your outfits. 

There's also the slightly humorous side to the design, in the sense that the fashion industry is known for its fashionistas being more than concerned with their weight and constantly measuring themselves to obtain that ideal look. I know that I do it myself and have done for the past God knows how many years, so it's a design that I particularly like and can relate to. You can get them in a variety of colours, with designs either having a gold or silver clasp to them and are completely unisex. They even have a watch version which is rather nifty if i'm honest.

 In terms of sizing, you can choose from XS - L which starts at 16cm and goes up in 2's to reach 22cm. The bracelet I received was a M and will only fit without slipping if I place it a little higher up on my forearm, but even then I think it looks alright. 

Pricing. That's what everyone wants to know. Well, I'm pleased to say that the bracelets are actually fairly priced given the fact that they are made from Italian leather; £32 - £55. After showing the bracelet to my uncle today, I was informed that the design is a huge trend over in Italia at the minute (my family were over in Sorrento visiting for a couple of weeks recently), with market stalls and independent shops copying the bracelet and selling them for a reduced price. You won't get a fake with the metal clasp on it though and to be honest, £32 is hardly going to break the bank balance, now is it?

If you want to get on the trend early (I can see celebs of all sorts wearing these within the next few months), then you can purchase the bracelets from the Ilcentimetro website by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Images are my own and taken by myself. 

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