Summer Swimwear: Minimale Animale


As much as this pains me to write, unfortunately this year, I haven't had the pleasure of going shopping for that perfect bikini or one piece. This is first Summer since the year I was born (literally, no exaggeration in that statement) that I haven't had a holiday abroad somewhere. Last year I went on three trips for crying out loud, so to be in the UK for a British Summer is slightly depressing. I will admit that this amazing heat wave we've been having has eased my pain - but only a little.

Having said that, my lovely mamma went on a two week holiday to Aruba with her now fiancé (he proposed whilst they were away) and loved it that much, has now said that she is thinking of booking up again for next year and we can all go and stay in a villa. As if this wasn't already exciting enough, my little niece or nephew (& godchild) will be with us in October of this year, so will also be accompanying us in Aruba next year. Happy days! 

Anyway! What has all of this back story got to do with the post? Well, it got me thinking of swimwear for the beach - Aruba has thee best beaches I have ever seen, so it's only fitting that you have a banging one or two piece to stroll around in. I know it's early days, but I couldn't help myself. This little piece of research then lead me to finding the relatively new brand Minimale Animale. 

I had typed in 'swimwear 2013' and no more than 3 seconds later, found this link taking me to the MBFW 2014 Swimwear designer bio page for the brand. For starters, they're from California, so it was almost a given that I would love them. Secondly, I just loved how edgy and different the cuts and shapes were for the swimwear and immediately wanted to see more from them. You'll probably be aware of the brand if you've watched some music videos from the likes of Iggy Azalea; you know the palm tree body suit she wore in the video for Work? Yeah, that one.

The four pieces you see in the frame above, were taken from the Minimale Animale Shop page on their website, as I wanted to show you exactly which pieces I would be sporting - you know, if I had $250 going spare to spend on a bikini. The best thing about the collections (and main reason I love them) is that they're sporty and slightly tomboy-ish. They're sexy, but not in a Victoria's Secret kind of way. They're definitely suited to women who are comfortable enough in their own skin, are confident and 100% know how enjoy themselves.

Like what's on offer for Summer this year? Then you had best check out the collection for next Summer..

Photo Credit: Found via Minimale Animale webite & edited on Polyvore. Top image found here.

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