Tea Time Treats

Tea Time Treats:
Coco De Mer & Agent Provocateur

Lingerie in general makes my stomach flutter with excitement, but when said lingerie is from either Coco De Mer or Agent Provocateur and is in the sale, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to go absolutely crazy - in a good way, obviously. Maybe it's the lacy panels, peek-a-boo sections or even just the fact that I want to feel part of the brands family by owning a piece. Either way, I can't help but fall in love whenever I take a little look at their websites and fill my imaginary shopping basket with products. 

Today however, was not one of those imaginary days. Today is the day that I actually purchased something from Agent Provocateur, because they have 70% off and my student budget allowed it. Well, it didn't really, but it was happening regardless. I was in no way, shape or form, letting this sale pass by without a transaction being made. 

I've put together some products from both Coco De Mer & Agent Provocateur to show you all which products I feel were the best buys, so I hope you agree with my picks. The Coco De Mer bras range in price from £14 - £110 and AP sets ranging from £40 - £195.

I've bought the blue Margot set from AP for £80 (bra & panties together), but now I'm considering just going all out and getting the suspender and navy Joseline slip as well. Oh the temptation..


Shop the Agent Provocateur sale here & Coco-De-Mer sale here!

Photo Credit: Coco-de-mer & Agent Provocateur websites - Images edited by my on Polyvore.

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