Veer NYC: NYFW Launch

Veer NYC:
Fall 2013 Launch

One thing I've always had an issue with in fashion, is the hypocritical and contradicting fact that we are told to follow fashion to be 'on trend'; but at the same time, told to find our own style and have some individuality. I've personally never had an issue telling someone that I'm not fond of a particular trend and if I don't like a top designers collection, I'll come out and say it. But there are people out there who find it difficult to fit in, or assume that it would be easier for them if they just wore the same as everybody else to be accepted and that's more than a little saddening. 

Occasionally you will come across a new brand or personality and they will endorse individuality until they are blue in the face, but there's something about their product that just screams deja vu. I've really only seen one other brand who fully endorse both a personality and individuality when their product is worn and subsequently, just like the brand I am about to introduce you to, they are also NYC based. Can you see why NYFW is my favourite of the four yet?

Androgyny and menswear-inspired designs have been filtering through various designer collections and street style blogs for a while, but more so since Fashion Week in February of this year. Designers such as Ziad Ghanem, Gareth Pugh and even Victoria Beckham each showed collections showing their female models wearing menswear looks and vice versa. What's missing though, is the more mainstream and accessible brands basing their entire being around androgyny, but that is where Veer NYC comes in to play.

Veer NYC are the "online fashion home for women who carve their own path" - and with a strap line like that, how can you not be intrigued by what they have to offer? After a sold out show In SoHo in March of this year and building a potential client base of around 4,000 people, Veer NYC have found their feet and will be launching their Fall 2013 collection in coordination with NYFW on September 5th. A bold and brilliant decision in my opinion. The forthcoming e-commerce launch will be on the brands website at, which is also where you can view the full Fall 2013 LookBook.

"The brand prides itself on being more than a fashion brand; Veer NYC represents a culture and destination for women who take risks, define their own journeys, and aren't afraid to make fashion work for themselves."

So I bet you're wondering what sort of looks you can expect from the brand? Well, it will be nothing short of cool, enviable and effortless. Three things that every man or woman interested in fashion, wants to portray in their looks. Just have a look at some images from their Fall 2013 LookBook. Aside from loving every single piece that I've seen so far, I'm a particular fan of the exposed zip jeans and leather/jersey mix sweater. Oh, and how the models have some tattoos to show as well. 

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