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By D&G:


Sometimes in life, little events happen or you receive a text/email, or you simply logon to Facebook and instantly your day is made. I think it's fair to say that this happened to me today. This morning (after realising that I had slept in and deciding that it was probably best just to miss my morning classes entirely, don't judge) I logged onto FaceyB to see what news was clogging up my newsfeed. What did I see? A butt naked photo of David Gandy. No, I don't just mean the back view and some delicately, yet annoyingly appropriately placed bed sheet across his crotch. I mean full. on. frontal. nudity. 

After scrolling past and then doing a double take, I clicked on the image and found the accompanying article. It seems that Italian powerhouse D&G, have dedicated an entire photo book to the fashion and modelling icon. I know, it really is proof that there is a God out there somewhere. I counted my blogger blessings and wanted to write about his perfect package then and there, but unfortunately I couldn't miss the second half of my day. So I'm doing it now. 

"David Gandy, a true icon in the world of fashion and modeling gets the prestigious honor of having a photography book completely dedicated to him. Published by Rizzoli, the book David Gandy by Dolce&Gabanna explores the unique relationship between the British model and the Italian fashion house. Photographer Mariano Vivanco plays an integral part in this journey and contributes both iconic older images and new exclusive shoots to the book." - www.kontraplan.com

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, but let me tell you; no amount of words in the freaking English speaking language can describe just how perfect this man looks in these photographs. So I'll just leave them here for you to gawk over. Let me know what you think if you aren't left entirely speechless!

Photo Credit: www.kontraplan.com

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