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Now, if you read my last post (click here to catch up and I'll forget all about it), you'll remember that I said I would be celebrating the upcoming Christmas festivities in a cheeky little Christmas jumper; however that does not mean that I won't be getting glammed up to party as well! When it comes to party dresses and such, one brand which stands out as a go-to is AQ/AQ (previously Aqua by Aqua). Don't get me wrong, for a regular dress these can be considered quite expensive, but for an occasion such as Christmas, i'm sure you can break the bank - or extend your student overdraft - just this once. Being higher end on the high street, AQ/AQ is a little out of reach for every day items, however not too high that you can't aspire to and save your pennies up for, if you see something particularly special. 
There are some obvious picks in my selection - such as the all over sequin pieces and classic red dress - however I thought I would add in some trouser options and a stunning white, long sleeve, peplum dress for those of you feeling daring enough - and confident enough not to spill Christmas pudding or red wine down the front of it. God forbid. 
For me personally, I think I could be enticed to try out a trouser option for one of my Christmas parties this year. The red jacquard trouser and top option just seems to stand out the most. Team it with a gold statement necklace, embellished front waist belt and some killer heels and you're onto a winner.

Which look would you be most inclined to go for?

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