Bobby Abley | It's Childs Play For Spring/Summer 2014


As you may already be aware, today kicked off with the start of #LCM and although I don't normally take much notice of menswear looks, I had to do a double take when I saw a tweet with the final run-through for the Bobby Abley FW'14 show. I'll be honest here and say that I hadn't heard much from the designer in the past (after doing some quick research, I think he's a relatively new designer to the scene under his own name), however after being intrigued by what I saw on Twiter, I had to find out what sort of looks he had planned for this coming Spring/Summer season.

Bobby Abley reminds me of younger JCDC, circa 2009. His seemingly signature mascot teddy bear and love of Disney combine together to create a fun, playful and fresh take on an androgynous style. It really does take a male with no inhibitions or confusion in himself to pull off these looks, however, I would absolutely adore any man who could do it. Androgyny is an up and coming trend which gained a lot of backing in 2013 from designers such as Veer NYC and Victoria Beckham. It makes sense to produce garments for both sexes to wear, considering we all 'cross-dress' in some way or another and I think that Bobby Abley did that well in his menswear collection for Spring Summer 2014.

What seems to be the 'in' thing for designers these days, is to have transfer tattoos on their models. Bobby Abley was no exception to this and created bird and bear designs for his show. What I particularly loved about the tattoos, was more their placement rather than the design; they were all in visible places to the public. Necks, hands and faces were all adorned with the designs and tied each individual look in well.

The collection was a grown up tale of fantasy, adventure and royalty with those fabulous leather (and slightly fetish) King crowns. I would certainly have no qualms in wearing a few select pieces, as Abley has done something that not many designers seem to be doing for me these days - it excited me and renewed my faith in the fact that maybe fashion isn't always so repetitive and, dare I say it, predictable.

What did you think of the collection?

Image Credit: Found via Tumblr and HERO Magazine

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