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Bit of a random act with this post, but I've just purchased myself a little Valentine's Day present and I want to share it with you all. The gift in question is the Zara pastel blue faux leather biker jacket. Retailing at £69.99, it's one of my bigger (and unfortunately, less frequent) purchases being a student and all, so I'm bound to be feeling a little excited - and slightly nervous to check my bank balance after this weeks spending.

As it stands, there isn't a Zara store in the centre of Newcastle, so I usually get most of my basics from them online and have it delivered. This does mean however, that I can't really inspect the jacket to see what sort of quality the faux leather is like, and therefore judge whether or not a penny short of £70 is worth it or not; but we shall see. I am pleased with how beautiful it looks in the editorial shots and indeed on its listing online. The shade of blue is a first for me - well, any shade of any colour is a first for me - so i'm excited to see what it's like on. I have blue eyes and dark hair, so the colour tends to agree with me more often than not anyway.

Recently I've found myself styling pieces in a more 'sport luxe' manner; with slouchy fit bottoms and either plain T's or silk vests up top. So I've gone and styled the jacket in a similar way.

I've chosen a white track pant because I felt like the jacket warrented a clean finish, and this style and colour of pant is bang on trend for the Spring/Summer season. Up top is a basic white T with Celine print on front, and finishing with black, chunky ankle strap courts and classic Chanel J12 watch - oh how I've dreamt about one day owning that beauty. Sigh..

Maybe it's the fact that the pastel is a baby blue hue and therefore rings annotations of being delicate in my head; whatever the reason, I'm happy having a fresh and light styling take for the jacket and feel that I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it this year.

How would you style this piece?

Biker Jacket: Zara | White Pants: Revolve | Celine Tshirt: Etsy


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