My Week In Review

Where to start with this week. On Thursday I turned 23 and celebrated the day of my birth with friends for lunch and then later, a night in Newcastle's Tup Tup Palace. Please don't ask me how it was, because I reallllllly couldn't tell you. Shameful, I know. I blame the copious amounts of alcohol thrust in my face as 'birthday presents'. From what I remember it was great, so I can't complain too much. And I had a big birthday badge to wear all day which was fantastic.

Although I can't be as positive about the next thing to happen this week, I'm willing to put my bitterness to the side and just revel in everyone else's photographs of the event. The event in question you ask? None other than Coachella 2014. Weekend #1 kicked off on Friday with OutKast having the headliner spot, but it was the fashion, parties, and fabulous IG pictures that I had my attention on. It does make me feel as though a little part of my soul dies with each passing year that I don't attend the famous music and arts festival, but mark my words, I will attend in 2016 if it's the last thing I do. It's probably the only music festival that I will ever wish to attend - mainly because it's in Palm Springs and there's absolutely no chance of being up to your eyeballs in mud like the festivals we have in the UK. And there's always the chance of running into a hot celebrity or two along the way. There really is no other music festival on the planet that involves music, art and fashion together in such an amazing way. Forever21 even had their brand name hung above the desert via cranes. Even McDonald's threw a pool party on Saturday. Ironic, I know, considering everyone in LA would rather chew nails than be caught dead stuffing their face with a Big Mac or McChicken. But I suppose if it's good enough for Jeremy Scott and Moschino (Fall 2014), then it's good enough for the glamorous lot at Coachella. Weekend #2 starts on the 18th and I absolutely cannot wait to see more #ootd and obligatory pool side/ferris wheel photos on Instagram!

Finally, as the week comes to a close, it was revealed that Alexander Wang will be collaborating with H&M releasing what I can only imagine to be an amazing capsule collection this November. AWang has always been one of my favourite designers, so this announcement had me jumping for joy when I read it on twitter and Instagram this morning. Let the countdown begin..

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