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Photo Credit: Taken by myself (IG: @marialetiziaxo)
Lingerie is to me, what bags and shoes are to most other girls. I adore everything about it and how it can make you feel when wearing it. Put simply, it can make or break your day from the moment you put it on.

One such trend that I've been obsessing over, is the lacey-bikini look sets; featuring a minimalistic band and a few strategically placed pieces of lace detailing to cover the obvious. Effortlessly cool brand For Love And Lemons inspired me with their delicate floral lingerie pieces, however I just felt that - as a student - I couldn't justify the price. And from that moment, a new mission was born - to find a more affordable equivalent. 

In comes ASOS. I'll admit that I haven't really been spending too much on clothing as of late, but after scrolling through the #fashion tag on my IG feed, I've decided that a little browse on the ASOS app couldn't hurt anyone. And that's when I saw them. The most beautiful lingerie set i've seen in a while. The Vine Appliqué Triangle bra and panties come as separates but at just £24 combined (£16 for the bra, £8 for the panties), it's really not something that you need to ponder over for longer than 0.3 seconds to decide if you're going to buy it or not. 
Because of the shape and design of the lingerie, I feel as though it's something that could either be worn as outer wear, or indeed just covered up and left to be seen by that special person of your choice. For me personally, I think I'm going to style the set as part of my outfit, in a sort of peek-a-boo way. I have a double date planned for this Friday, so I've decided to show you how I plan on wearing the lingerie for that.

The check curved hem shirt and ripped Jamie jeans are both from Topshop, and are recent purchases of mine. Incase you haven't heard, there's currently 20% off for students at the minute, so um, yeah. Get on that. I made it half way out the store with those before I came across an oversized black coat and decided that I needed that as well. But that's a story for another post.

Like the photo suggests, I'm planning on wearing the shirt fastened by a couple buttons at the bottom, leaving the top open and showing off the bra in small doses. A leather jacket and black strappy heels just finishes off the outfit and gives it enough edge to be dressy enough for dinner and drinks.

Will you be indulging in the lace trend this season?

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