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Some things in life are just unexplainable; from falling in love, to thinking that you really ought to clean the skirting boards in your apartment before your visitors arrive over the weekend - that last one is something which, yes, I have just done and no, I can't quite explain why I deemed it necessary. Maybe I really am turning into my mother. Either way, it's all part of growing up and seeing things in a new light due to changing perspectives and priorities.

It was the above point about cleaning that has brought me to writing this post; i'm not going to be talking your head off about skirting boards and the likes, don't worry. Like I said above, when you start to get older your tastes change. When I was a teenager I liked all things black. Well, more than I do now. Ok so that's also a lie, but I wasn't very tactful with it like I am now. I was all over the place trying to find my personality and sense of self. I don't really think I've even found it now and i'm pushing twenty-four in a few months, but I've managed to shape my tastes into something a little more palatable and true to the person I see myself moulding into.

Everyone's tastes are different, and each are shaped by the situations we are faced with and the people we experience on a daily basis. When you are shown one thing, it often leads to discovering other things and so your ideals change. Like I said in my previous post this week (Wanderlust | Where Will IG Take You?) I have been discovering so many amazing Australian brands and places within the country that have inspired me enough to want to visit. This has been a result of having Australia placed in the forefront of my mind through people I know leaving to go out there this month, and I'm so glad it has happened. I never realised how relatable a lot of the big Australian brands are; and it doesn't just stop with fashion, it leaks into home interiors too.

Photo Credit: The Minimalist
In terms of home interiors, this one has been a result of my changing tastes; going from all black to a helluva lot of white. It's with none other than The Minimalist Store that I now crave everything in white and can't wait to be in a position where I can decorate everything in such a way. Scrolling through their instagram feed, you quickly realise that the price tag is going to be as chic as the layout with the store stocking a range of designer names from all over the globe. Maybe it's just me, but I get a strong female vibe due to the quotes on their IG feed; 'home is where the bra isn't' and 'getting real sick of underwear and responsibilities'. It's things like this that takes a retailer and turns them into a brand that people can relate to and want to be a part of - considering they are effectively a middle man between consumer and designer, this is a great thing to boast. They're located in Surry Hills, Sydney so if you're ever in the area i'd encourage you to go and have a look. Or you know, have a look at their website (link is under the above photo) slash instagram feed (@minimaliststyle) if you're like me and otherwise unable to make the round trip required.

Photo Credit: @jasminedowling
Jasmine Downling is another Aussie who has grabbed my attention via her minimalistic outlook. A fellow fashion blogger and graphic designer/typographer, her eye for appealing aesthetics is second to none. Although a fashion blogger and graphic designer by day, her blog has a rather attractive store attached selling her typography prints, soft home accessories and most popular her 2015 calendar. Limited to only 100 copies, the calendar is simple yet stylish and includes one of Jasmine's favourite prints which you can tear off and frame for your apartment. If you want to get your hands on one you can just skip on over to her website and grab one for yourself. She ships worldwide, so no worries if you aren't a local to her area.

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