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Okay, can we just talk about NYFW for a second here. Well, when I say that I really just mean Kanye West and the song he just dropped during the Yeezy|Adidas show. I get that there is such a huge love/hate relationship with Kanye, but I can't help but love every song he's dropped so far this year; and I think that Wolves might be my fave to date. With every one of his songs there's always that one line that you keep singing over and over again, and with this one, it's "i'm just bad, bad bad for you". 

The collection and show itself though was conceptual, and very Kanye. Celebrity studded with Kylie Kardashian walking the runway. The clothes themselves weren't really clothes as such; second skin body suits and oversized camo jackets lead the way, with the new Yeezy Adidas Boost adorning the models feet. It was urban, and even if you didn't like the clothes you still wanted to look.

There obviously isn't an official video released for Wolves yet, but if you want to listen to it as badly as I do then this audio recording from the fashion show itself will suffice. Enjoy.

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