If there's one rule I should probably stick to in life, it's that I should not enter a department store using the make-up hall entrance. Now i've never been one of those girls who goes crazy over lipstick - in fact, i'm not even the type of girl to wear lipstick, but for some reason or another these days I just cannot get enough! If I'm scrolling through insta I'll immediately go to the makeup artists that I follow just to see what new products and shades they're using to create their realllyyyy unrealistic, yet enviable 'every day' looks. 

It's for this reason that I was easily sidetracked when shopping for my mum's birthday present today. Walking into Debenhams I had to walk past MAC and thought I would make a little pitt stop to swatch some matte lip colours. Purely for research purposes, I began chatting to the artist to see if she had any colours to recommend for my skin tone (read pale complexion). We quickly established that deep tones tend to compliment me better than anything else, so after fifteen or so trial and errors I found my soulmate in matte Mehr. The formula was so easy to apply, didn't dry out like so many matte's can do (I left the colour on for the rest of the day to continue my shopping) and gave the rest of my face a nice glow that I hadn't expected. I matched the colour best with Soar lip liner and dragged myself to the cash desk so that I wouldn't spend any more.

When you're so used to seeing yourself with the same sort of look every day, it can be a little strange when you suddenly inject colour; but I absolutely adore this look and will definitely be wearing it more and more. It's such a strong pre-fall colour and will really compliment the warmer tones I'll be wearing when the weather starts to cool down over the next couple of months. Plus it made my teeth look whiter and that's always going to be a bonus!

Side note: is it just me who can't get over the fact we're ALREADY in August and it's only ten or so weeks until Hallowe'en?! 

Anyway, if you've got this colour let me know how you wear it, or comment with the colours you're lusting over - i'm hooked already and just want to buy every colour I can at this point.

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