Graffiti City


Image is my own | Insta @marialitiziaxo

On my last day working at Zara, I needed an excuse to use my discount for one last time. Obviously. So as I was waiting for the cashier to put through a plaid shirt that caught my eye, I scanned the floor just in case anything else stood out. As it happened, one of my colleagues was trying on the above Graffiti Parka that had just come into store that morning - I immediately had to grab my size and try it on. I was instantly in love with an inanimate object and felt my life was complete. Then I looked at the price tag and felt that £59.99 was perhaps a little steep when I wasn't supposed to buying anything to begin with! In the end I decided that I just wouldn't tell my other half how much I had spent and let the warm-fuzzy feelings cloud my bad financial decisions.

Today was the first time I took the parka out for a spin, but I was in too much of a rush to get a picture of my outfit so I thought I would put it together on Polyvore for you to see. If you love the parka as much as I do, you can get it by clicking here

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