Affinitias Intimates

Affinitas Intimates;

Affinitas from the latin word 'Affinity' meaning, 
"A natural liking or attraction to a person, place or thing."

Every woman wants the same basic things from her lingerie; comfort, style, sex appeal and all of this at an affordable price. The problem is though, more often than not, you'll be able to tick two or three points off, but never a full house. Nightmare, I know. The new Affinitas Intimates AW'13 range however, is a collection of sexy-yet-sophistocated lingerie that ticks off every box in one go - and then some. If you haven't already heard of the brand, then now is the time to sit up and take note; having been mentioned in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire, it's obvious that they've got a bright future ahead of them.

The range contains six sets; each with 2 - 4 variations on the style of bra and/or bodice. You have Clarissa (as seen to the right), Charlize, Georgina, Mae, Anjelica and Hannah. I wouldn't say that there's a set that I particularly dislike from the collection, however I'll be honest and say that the Mae and Hannah aren't a style that I'd wear. 

The Clarissa though is gorgeous. And I'm not just saying that. The feel of the set is super soft, comfortable to wear and compliments the hour glass shape nicely. It is a nude shade with black lace overlay and sheer back on the briefs. The cups on the bra are padded but not excessively so, so can easily be worn as an everyday bra if you're feeling in a particularly sassy mood one morning. The lace overlay on the bra creates a deep V neckline, so it's not really a bra to be worn with a regular vest top, but a black top or sweater would be fine. Alternatively, let's be honest; the set on it's own with stockings and everything else would look perfect without any clothes on. Just as a treat for that special someone. Or even if you wanted to reenact that Desperate Housewives scene where Susan does the housework in lingerie..

In terms of pricing, the set won't exactly break the bank at just £26.00 for the bra and £15.00 for the briefs - I'd say that was a pretty decent price to pay. If you want to find a store in your area to purchase the set for yourself, just head on over to the Affinitas Intimates website and use their search tool!

What do you think of the set? 

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