Summer Loving


Photography by: A very appreciated boyfriend.

Earlier this week myself and my boyfriend took a little road trip along the coast near Scarborough, to Cayton Bay to make the most of the sunny weather on our day off work. In hindsight I would've definitely took a jacket with me, because lets be honest, it may be Summer but it's still the UK - and it was beyond windy. I was particularly excited for the day trip because it meant that I could wear my new shirt from Zara for the first time. 

I think the most expensive items from out the outfit were the Daniel Wellington watch and the Max&Co shades, as everything else was £29.99 or less from Zara (shirt) and Primark. I got my sunglasses in my prescription from Specsavers over a year ago just before I moved to Sydney, but i've doubled checked the website and they're still stocking them for £149 here! Yay! I absolutely love mine and never leave the house without them; even when it isn't sunny I slip them onto my head and use them to keep my hair out of my face.

What I loved most about the outfit was how effortless it was to put together and feel put together. There's nothing better than leaving the house feeling confident and comfortable in what you're wearing. I'm loving pretty much everything from Zara's new AW'16 range - as you can tell from my last post Graffiti City - and there's ALOT more on my wish list that I hope to be buying over the next few weeks.

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