All Black Summer


When you're an avid lover of all things black Summer can prove difficult. Don't get me wrong, the constant sunshine, rising temperatures and days laying on the Quayside Seaside (that's Newcastle's manmade beach for those out of the loop) are doing wonders for one's mood and general outlook; but dressing for these occasions is just a nightmare. If, like me, you prefer wearing a black tee and skinny jeans, then you'll know how annoying this is when the sun is reaching 30 degrees most days. Black just soaks in the sunlight and raises your body temperature above tolerable. It's not big and it's not clever, but what else can you do. Summer for me is just my Winter wardrobe but with the leather jacket sleeves and jeans rolled up.

So how do you dress for the weather, but keep your love of black intact? God forbid we would ever wear colour, i'm not going that far. But I am going to suggest some outfit combo's with the help of All Saints. If there was ever a brand to sum me up, it's them.

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Everything from the above image is up to date and current on the All Saints UK website (bar the aviators). What I have been tending to do with my outfits, is team high waisted skinny jeans or shorts with crop tops and or a bikini. The bikini obviously more for the days when I go to the beach or am lounging around the apartment - which faces the quayside/sunrise and attracts more heat than the surface of the sun. No exaggeration in that statement at all.

Although I haven't been wearing much colour other than the occasional blue, I have been wearing a lot of white and opting for white jeans instead of black. I'm still getting to wear my trusted jean shape, but they're helping to reflect the light a little bit, and they look a lot more Summery than the black. I've gone for the printed loose tops from All Saints, because although they are silk, they're loose fitting and will give a bit of a breeze. They're also on trend and help to dress up an outfit day or night. Lastly, there's a leather jacket just because I can't deal without one. That and it's going to rain a few times in amongst the UK sunshine, so we'll need something to cover up with and it may as well be leather. The one I've chosen however, is cropped so it won't give too much heat on your back and the zips up the sleeves allow for rolling them up if you get too warm.

So that's just some variations on outfits I've been having in my own Summer wardrobe, but I'd love to know how you're dealing with black in the seasonal heat in the comments below!

Photo Credit: All Saints UK & Polyvore.

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