Mini Haul: Zara

Mini Haul:

Haven't done a post like this in a while, so I thought I'd share some of my recent purchases this week!
My sister and I decided to take a little trip into The Glasgow Fort (an outdoor shopping centre), initially just to buy some last minute things for the impending arrival of her new baby; As if this would ever just work out this way. I'm a shopaholic and I know it.

After trying on a variety of skinny jeans, leather leggings, jumpers, tshirts and a jumpsuit for good measure, I decided on the top two items. The jumper was in the sale and I just loved how casual and slouchy it felt with the jeans, so I had to get it. The jeans are insanely comfortable - no, really. The denim is really soft, moveable and looks even better now that i've added some rips and distressed marks around the knees. Well, you've got to add a little bit of DIY to make something your own, haven't you? The jeans were £25.99 and the jumper was only £9. I couldn't find the exact one online for the post, but the one featured in the image below is basically the same thing. 

Now, I did say that I tried on a jumpsuit for the sake of it and although I didn't go ahead and buy it, I took a photo just so that I could think about it some more later on. After much deliberation (who am I kidding? It only took me about 10 seconds), I decided to just go ahead and buy it online. It's £39.99, had an elasticated waist which can be positioned higher or lower on the body, depending on the kind of look you're going for. I have a thing for low cut neck lines at the minute, so that was another reason that I loved this little black number. I would say though, that if you spot this jumpsuit on the Zara website, it looks nowhere near as good as it does when you try it on. The image on the website does nothing for me and if I hadn't already seen it in store, I probably would have just scrolled past it and not given it a second thought!

Photo Credit: First image is a collection of images from - last image is my own.

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