Christmas Jumpers: What Would Mark Darcy Do?

Do A 'Mark Darcy' This December:

Who wants to hear a funny story? This time last week, I was casually listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album and dancing around my flat, simple because I had just about finished all of this semesters work and submitted my tattoo/diversity article; which meant that I had gotten one uni deadline over and done with. Then the worst thing imaginable to a student happens … my MacBook decides to switch off and won't turn back on. Ha, I know. One might think this isn't too bad; surely a second year fashion student would make copies of her work? Well, um, no. I didn't. Rookie mistake - what was I thinking? So yeah. For the last week now, i've been re-doing months of work, including: putting together 30+ pages of research for my personal events management file and a 22 page magazine. All from scratch. It hasn't exactly been all fun and games lately, let me tell you. However, I've submitted work for deadline #2 today and I only have 3 pages left to do for my magazine, so I'm getting back on top of everything. Go me!

With the stresses of uni (and life in general at the minute), my friends and I have decided that a little Christmas family dinner and festive drinking session is in order once all of our deadlines are over. Said festivities will, of course, involve a rather attractive Christmas jumper; so I've taken the liberty of sourcing some from the high street to help us (and you too!) decide on one.

Starting from the top left clockwise: 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

I know #5 isn't exactly a sweater, but it's a pretty cool beanie, so I had to add it. Each sweater is festive and won't break the bank (the most expensive is £35), which means more dollah for christmas presents and cocktails. Primark don't have a website to source some of their festive jumpers, however from being in store lately, I think I'll probably purchase one from there. Either that, or i'm going for the "Merry Christmas Ya Filty Animal" one from Boohoo. I do love a good movie quote on a jumper, not gonna lie.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the festive season, make sure it involves a jumper like those above. And a decent amount of festive-themed cocktails.

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