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Thanks to my lovely friend Nicole (@CreativeYizzard on Twitter), I recently discovered the magnificently grungy and slightly gothic brand Abandon Ship Apparel, or A.S.A for short. At the minute they currently sell a range of Tshirts, vests, outerwear and accessories and I think it's safe to say that I want one of everything.

My favourite garments have to be the beanies though, as I'm starting to get more and more obsessed with hats now that the weather is getting a little chillier and these A.S.A beauties are so up my street, it's unreal. If you met me in person (not straight away, but once you start to get to know me), you'll realise that I have a tendancy to overuse the 'F' word. It's like word vomit - it just comes out and half the time I'm not even aware I've said it. Don't get me wrong, I don't use it inappropriately, it's only when I'm around my friends.

If I were to point out my favourites, I could easily say the "Fuck You Buddy", cross bobble (middle top) and "Heavy Fucking Metal" beanies. I love anything where profanity is used and is slightly dark in nature, so those fit the bill perfectly.

Like them as much as I do? Why not check out the A.S.A store and get them for yourself - they're only £14.99 each!

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