Bold Souls: Prohibition Glamour

Bold Souls:
Prohibition Glamour!

I promised you lovely lot a post covering the above mentioned event on Thursday/Friday, however I'm a day out due to being roped into playing a few rounds of lazer quest (boy, does that activity require some amount of energy!), so I hope you can forgive me. 

Hair & Makeup
I arrived at CitizenM hotel, Glasgow at 8am on Thursday morning to help out with everything that had to be done before the event began at 6pm that evening. The first task on our agenda was to look at the three outfits each designer had given us to style for the show - this was definitely my favourite part of the morning. The designers we had to work with included: Chouchou, Stay-Sick, Aleena's Boutique, Christine Watson, TOC, DawnTroversial, MochMess, Tres'Demented Designs, Kelly McAllister Jewellery and more. Around 14 of the 20 designers confirmed for Prohibition Glamour were involved in the show: the rest had stalls set up to sell from.
Once each of the Colours Agency models were assigned to different outfits and had practiced their walk on the catwalk, they were then sent on their way to Rainbow Room International for hair and makeup. The theme for hair and makeup was natural, summer glamour. Well, the makeup was natural anyway. Hair, on the other hand, was large, crimped, volumized and inspired by Paris Couture fashion shows. The end result was absolutely gorgeous and really complimented each outfit in the show.

Models backstage:
Taken by myself on Instagram
Fast forward to 6pm and guests began arriving, where they were treated to some complementary Kopparberg cider in three various flavours (the strawberry was particularly nice, actually), sushi from YO! Sushi and some hair styling by Rainbow Room International. The models in particular enjoyed the free Kopparberg: so much so that we had to go looking for them, so that they could get their first outfits on for the show!

Being backstage dressing, I had the opportunity to drool over the amazing fashion we had coming up in the show. Some pieces which caught my attention in particular were shoes by DawnTroversial and studded denim by Stay-Sick. The talent from each designer involved in the show however, was top-knotch - it really did make you want to just grab everything and run!

Shoes by DawnTroversial
Shoes by DawnTroversial
Studded Levi denim by Stay-Sick

Show time was supposed to be 7pm, however due to some issues with models, outfits and various other things, we actually started around 7:30pm. What can I say? It's fashionable to be late! The first designs hitting the catwalk were a range of swimwear designs by Aleena's Boutique. Now, these designs are unlike anything you've ever seen before. To start with, it's definitely couture swimwear. I, for one, wouldn't dare to wear this to the beach/pool with the intent to go swimming. Secondly, these designs consist of an average of 3 pieces. If we didn't have Aleena backstage to help get the models into their outfits, I don't think we would ever figure it out! In the end though, they are gorgeous and intriguing to look at.

Next up we had outfits from Chouchou, DawnTroversial, Stay-Sick, Jeni Alison, MochMess, Christine Watson, Athena Boutique, Jazz Emporium, Aleena's Boutique and Touch of Cloth. Jewellery was by Rene Walrus, Katie Lee's, Jay McLean and Kelly McAllister Jewellery. Images are in no particular order:

After the show, attendee's were able to shop the looks from the catwalk, as well as other items from each designers stall: this was the one part of the evening where I wished I had all the money in the world! 

Chouchou's Stall:
Sarah and I spent a good 25 minutes trying to get this to look right!
Designers setting up their stalls!
Were any of you at Prohibition Glamour on Thursday night? If you were, what did you think? Would you go to the next one? Leave your comments below!

Photography: Daniela Flores, X-Project Media & Andrew R Moore
Models: Colours Model Agency: Adriana Bucur, Bradley Coyne, Kirstin Gribbin, Melissa McComb, Seona Anderson, Patricia Taylor and Amelia Johnson
Hair: Rainbow Room International
Makeup: Susan Wilson & Team

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