The Biggest Blogging Movement & Community in 2012

Blogger's, listen up: Here we have one of thee best things to ever come out of the world wide web since blogger, twitter and facebook - Blogger's Wardrobe. An online clothing store unlike any other. Why is that you ask? Well, for starters: the clothes are free. The catch? You have to be part of the community. The elite, if you will. Once you're taken under their wing and accepted as one of their own, you then have access and free reign to choose from a range of brands that they to offer. Finsk, Gudrun & Gudrun, Gestuz and Arelalizza are just some of the brands on offer that spark some keen interest from myself.

Although there are a few brands which make me feel all warm inside whenever I look at their collections, my favourite brand on offer at BW would have to be Finsk. A london based shoe brand which was launched in 2004 by Finnish born Julia Lundsten. She has been dubbed the Eames of footwear and has established herself as a designer with a strong vision and unique, directional style. It's not hard to see why she is considered so stylish when you look at the range of shoes she has on offer. Sharp and angular with chunks cut out here and there, gives the shoes a very contemporary and modern feel, with a slight 'Lady Gaga-esque' twist in my opinion. I would probably wear a pair of Finsk wedge heels with a leather biker jacket and pair of skinny jeans. Looking at some of my favourites that I have so lovingly put together for you guys in a set below, it's obvious to see why I love them, no?

Finsk Footwear
Images put together in set via Polyvore.

I feel that Blogger's Wardrobe is one of the best things out there for both online shopping and blogging due to the unique and contemporary brands on offer. In terms of being a plus for blogger's, it's out there with an intent to make brands and blogger's linked and to give us a chance to interact with one another. This fact alone just shows how aware Blogger's Wardrobe is of the current fashion industry: Fashion blogger's alone are being ranked as highly as magazine editors when it comes to bringing the latest trends and news to readers. Look at fashion week for example, who was sitting front row next to Anna Wintour at various shows at New York, London, Milan & Paris this year? Bryanboy & SusieBubble - that's who. Times are changing and for Blogger's Wardrobe to have caught onto that fact, just shows how big they have the potential to be. Blogger's are fast becoming to new way for brands to advertise their products and I don't know about you, but if I were to be accepted into the Blogger's Wardrobe community, I would be delirious. 

(All images have been taken from Polyvore, and BloggersWardrobe - None of which are my own)

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