Get The Look: Office Chic

Get The Look:
Office Chic

FYI: My dream job would be working as a magazine editor or, more recently, working at Independent Fashion Bloggers in NYC. What do both of these jobs have in common? Working in an office - a very chic office at that. Due to this fact, I find myself more often than not, day dreaming about what I would wear to a normal work day. Now, you think of an office and a suit comes to mind, but working within the HQ of a top fashion magazine or with IFB means having a more relaxed, yet fashionable and sophisticated look. So, because of this, I decided to put a little set together on Polyvore to show the kinds of looks that I would wear: 

Those of you who know me and are reading this might think, "Pink? Maria, are you serious? I would never in a million years put you down for someone who wore pink" Well, my friends, times are a-changing. This SS12 has brought it's set of trends and with that, changed my entire view on how I dress and how I want to present myself to those around me. I have decided to embrace colour, pattern and texture from now on and there is no time like the present to start doing so. 

The inspiration behind the pink tones came from the neon crop blouse that I have on today. I decided that I liked how the colour looked against my skin and thought it would be a good colour to base an office look around. I spotted the DVF twill skinny pants and automatically thought of pairing them with a sheer, cobalt blue blouse, just to brighten the look up a little more and give it a bit of a kick. I finally paired the look off with a Helmut Lang draped jacket, Gianmarco Lorenzi white heels, chunky gold jewellery and, of course, a white Hermes bag.
The second look I put together is for those warmer days in Summer (surely it's going to get warmer than it is now?) when you're feeling brave enough to show a little leg. The Rochelle peplum crepe dress is bang on trend this season, so there's a tick right there. A Talula Kent white blazer adds a professional, yet casual look to the outfit and lends a little warmth if there happens to be a chill in the air. ASOS Santo point court shoes in pink compliments the pink outlines on the Rochelle dress and keeps in with the pastel trend this season too - tick, tick and tick. The gold chunky jewellery from look one can be transferred to this look as well, making them both versatile and a great investment from your wallets point of view - they would even look great paired with jeans and a loose silk tee!

If you want to purchase any of the items featured in the above set, you can click THIS link here and it will take you to my polyvore page where each item is shown :)

What do you think of these looks? Would you wear something like it to the office?

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