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In The Spotlight:
Noctis Magazine

That's right folks, it's Saturday and that can only mean one thing: It's time for my "In The Spotlight" feature! This week I have scoured the internet and magazines with the aim to bring you to find this weeks inspiration. For a while, I almost thought this feature wouldn't, however that was before I came across the London-based digital magazine Noctis.

Founded in 2011, Noctis Magazine aims to become thee platform to showcase fresh, new talent in various fields: From photography to writing, fashion and music, Noctis encourages people from all of these fields to get in touch and contribute to each issue.

What they look for in contributors for their Summer 2012 issue:
"The Summer 2012 issue of Noctis magazine is going to be themed around Youth and Coming of Age.
Imagine your emotions when you experienced something for the first time – be it a festival, a gig, happiness, sex, excitement, drugs, or even sad- ness. Then capture that feeling in whatever work you produce for us. We want our readers to feel what you were feeling and understand why your shoot, writing, illustration, styling or makeup looks and feels the way it does. Transport our readers to wherever your mind is/was and show them through your work the experiences and emotions we all feel when we are coming of age!
Think about your youth and what feelings and new experiences you were seeing / going through and try to project that into your work. We want to see creative moodboards and ideas of shoots / illustrations before hand, as we want the concept to be apparent.
Features wise we want to hear about things which are about to blow up. Think nights, events, people or places which have been in their infancy workwise but are on the cusp of making it big. Maybe an artist who has just had their first proper exhibition, a night which is just starting to get queues going round the block or a producer who has worked with a big artist for the first time."
There are currently three issues available to read at the moment, however it is issue II that inspired me to feature the magazine. The photography featured in that particular magazine had a gothic, grungy feel to it and just had such an aesthetic appeal for me. Tattoo's, dark make-up, sex appeal - it's all there. Have a look at what I mean;

Personally, I feel that this magazine is what our creative industry needs. Far too often we see our dream jobs - or even jobs in general -  listed with requirements such as "2+ years experience writing with a publishing company" or something similar. Young, fresh faces need a chance and a place to show the world what they can offer, especially in the grips of a recession. An outlet for new talent is what is needed and Noctis, in my opinion, has arrived in the nick of time. A magazine with an aim to showcase new talent gets a gold star in my books any day.

Find out more info on Noctis via their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Credit: - Issue II - All rights reserved at Noctis 2011


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