Coachella Festival

Mulberry BBQ & Pool Party

Dree Hemingway at the Mulberry BBQ & Pool Party @ Coachella. Skirt & Crop Top Dolce & Gabbana
Dree Hemingway  Mulberry BBQ & Pool Party
Coachella Festival

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Now regular music festivals in the UK such as T in The Park, Reading/Leeds, Rock Ness etc just don't appeal to me in the slightest. Yes, I like music. Yes, I like seeing live bands. However, in no way, shape or form do I like camping, mud, greasy food from burger vans and not being able to enjoy a bubble bath and sanitary bathroom conditions on a daily basis. I probably sound like a snob, but no, I just hate being dirty. Plus there's the fact that I practically live off of bran flakes cereal and green tea, so I would more than likely die if I couldn't have them for a full weekend. Ugh, it just sounds like my idea of hell! Now, Coachella on the other hand...well, if you handed me tickets for that, then I wouldn't be able to resist. Celebrities left, right and center. Sunshine. California...*sigh* It just sounds like my idea of heaven. I can't even bring myself to watch live streams or look at photos of it without wanting to cry over the fact that I'm not there. Having said that, I did look at one set of photos recently and those happened to be from the Mulberry BBQ and Pool Party which took place in the Parker Hotel, Palm Springs, on Saturday April 14th. Inflatable Mulberry monsters floated in the crystal clear pool whilst celebrities such as Emma Watson, Lily Collins, Kate Bosworth, Dree Hemingway and Alexa Chung lounged around with a drink in hand, taking in what the California summer had to offer. What they wore to said event was what inspired me to post about the party though. Mulberry's Creative Director, Emma Hill chatted to VOGUE telling them what she considered to be the perfect Coachella festival outfit: "Definitely denim shorts and this season's Mr. Foxy bikini by Mulberry" - A little bias obviously, but the celebrity who's outfit caught my attention wasn't one to match denim shorts and a bikini. Oh no, it was way hotter than that: Dree Hemingway wore the chili print skirt and crop top by D&G and blew everybody out of the water in my opinion. Worn with gorgeous platform sandals, red lippy and slightly wavy hair, she looked amazing. It definitely inspired me to go out and buy a skirt and crop top covered in the fiery fruit (yes, it's a fruit. Google it!) - a look which I would never normally go for. Then again, this season I have surprised myself by purchasing everything in either a pastel shade or covered in an eye-catching print. Who would have known that I'd hit twenty one and all of a sudden go crazy for colour?

Check out some more outfits from some of the attendee's below:

Taryn Cox
Kate Bosworth with boyfriend Michael Polish
Eliza Doolittle
Harley Viera-Newton
Alexa Chung
Lily Collins & Emma Watson

All that's left to say is: Mulberry - If you have any more events coming up, please don't hesitate to send me an invite! Yours Sincerely, Maria xo

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