Prom: Marilyn Monroe Whites

What To Wear: 

With the abundance of prom styling tips filling the internet just now, I've been feeling rather nostalgic and remembering my own prom: I hated it. My dress was too big, my shoes uncomfortable, my hair just looked lack-luster...I just didn't look the way that I had imagined I would when I was younger. If only I could turn back the time and know what I know now - and by that, I mean that I wish I would have had the styling tips and taste that I have now. So, seeing as I don't have a time machine, or the desire to repeat my senior year at high school again, I have decided to re-live my prom night vicariously through the lovely ladies reading this right now and thinking about what they are going to wear to their own prom.

When I choose outfits, more often than not, it'll revolve around one piece to begin with: it could be the shoes, the accessories, the dress or even a certain look that I want to portray. For the look I've put together today, I've decided to surround my outfit around a timeless elegance - Marilyn Monroe Whites to be precise. If I could have worn the following outfit to my prom back in 2009, I would have been a very happy chappy, if I do say so myself.

Want this look?
I've done the hard part for you:

The above look should be completed with a classic up-do like Marilyn's, natural-looking make-up and a classic red lip. What do you think of this look? Would you wear it to prom?

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