Best & Worst: Cannes Film Festival

Best & Worst Dressed:
Cannes Film Festival

As you all know, the Cannes Film Festival kicked off this week and what a joy it's been watching that (slightly large) red carpet! The film festival is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and it does more than exceed our expectations when it comes to fashion and what the stars wear! Twelve days of fashion, celebrities,  awards and a jury panel containing Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and French designer Jean Paul Gautier: what more could you ask for?

As mentioned above, the fashion at said event really is one to watch, so I thought I would put together a short 'best & worst dressed list'. Want to see? Ok, let's start with the best dressed:

1. Eva Longoria: When it comes to events, the Desperate Housewives star really knows how to dress. The Marchesa pale lilac fish tale dress with ruffled tulle train is without a doubt my favourite, however the black lacey number by Alberta Ferretti below, is a close second.

2. Hofit Golan: If this gold, long sleeved embroidered gown had been on anybody else, it might not have looked as nice, however the Israeli socialite managed to pull it off . Then again, I can't decide if the reason I like it so much, is because maybe anything would be nicer than what she wore to the film festival in 2009: a wardrobe malfunction or a publicity stunt - you decide.

Cannes Film Festival 2012
Cannes Film Festival 2009
3. Ewan McGregor: Ok, so maybe I just have a soft spot for the actor seeing as he's Scottish just like myself, but I really did think he looked mighty dapper on the red carpet in Cannes this week. 

4. Jane Fonda: Dressed in a shell pink Atelier Versace gown, how could she not go into the best dressed list? Oh and the fact that she still manages to look sexy and slim at the age of 74? Uh, hello?! She looked fantastic!

Before I delve into the worst dressed, I want to share with you possibly thee best dressed (and attractive) couple at the event: Chris Pine & Dominique Piek. I don't think I have to justify my decision, do you?

Now onto the Worst Dressed List! First up:

1. Jada Pinkett Smith: Normally I'm all in for futuristic looks, however this petrol blue number with statement shoulders just seemed a little out of wack for the film festival in my opinion. Jada has a great figure, but that flat chest just did nothing for the deep V in the gown.

2.  Lara Stone: Being a Calvin Klein poster girl and wife to comedian David Walliams, I might have expected a little more in terms of fashion sense for the model, however this silver CK number does nothing for her. In fact, it looks like it needs a good press ASAP. Nothing else to say other than, I hate it!

3.  Hao Lei: To promote the film Mystery, Chinese actress Hai Lei turned up to the Cannes photocall area in a printed maxi and peep toe ankle boots - A look which I deemed less than impressive. I think I like it, but then my better judgement jumps in with a "No, Maria. Just, no."

There were two other actors present at the Cannes Film Festival who I considered putting in the Worst Dressed list, however in the end I came up with an entirely different category for them: Cannes Most Comical. Actors Sacha Baron Cohen and Bill Murray each turned up in their own little worlds, with Sacha dressed to promote his new film The Dictator and Bill in a colourful, patterned ensemble. The two were hilarious!

What do you think of the fashion at this weeks Cannes Film Festival? Were there any celebrities which you found particularly memorable that I didn't feature? Let me know in the comments below! 

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