For Love & Lemons - Fall 2013 Campaign

For Love & Lemons:
This is the second Fall 2013 campaign shoot that I've seen lately and felt the absolute need to blog about ASAP. The other was DKNY; it was cool and very NYC (my favourite Fashion capital), but with For Love & Lemons, let's just say that it's the dark, vampiric and slightly 'Adams Family' feel that I get when I look at the images. What can I say? I'll forever be attracted to anything that is remotely scary, dark or verging on Hallowe'en-y. #soznotsoz

**(From the brands website)

The L.A based brand has given us a series of skirts, tops, floral printed focal points and thigh-high slit dresses to parade around in this Fall. The lack of fabric around the legs however, is, I suppose, a great feature if you live on the West coast of America and don't really get the same weather as the arctic circle. I guess we could just add a little hosiery and heeled boots to accommodate the looks to our own weather here in the UK though. Not too difficult. Velvet, lace and other deliciously demonic fabrics have been the go to choice in the collection as well.

What I really love about the collection - in the campaign images anyway - is the styling and lots of high neck ties featuring in some of the looks. It's a little costume-ish and dramatic, but that's a great thing. The Fall/Winter months are dull enough as it is, we should at least be able to entertain ourselves through our oufits choices, no? If I had to choose a look to be my absolute favourite, I think it would have to be the slightly off-set white, floral printed dress with Victorian style choker necklace. 

What do you think of the Fall 2013 campaign? Could you see yourself wearing any of the looks?

Photo Credit: Nylon Mag

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